"Running the dental office can be daunting and stressful.  It's so nice to have another set of eyes on the business to make sure we are doing things right and running a successful operation.  I have weekly calls with Bob to report the STATS and to talk about how the week has gone.  If there are systems that we need to tighten up or issues that need to be addressed, Bob helps coach on those issues.  Bob helps a lot of other offices as well and so he has seen what works and what does not.  This knowledge has saved us in the long run from making unwise and uninformed decisions."

--Bryce Barfuss, DDS

"Bob joined our practice as a consultant just prior to the transition and he helped in more ways than I could list. Using his experience with other dental providers and benchmarks, Bob analyzed our business systems and offered invaluable input for building on the core workings in place.  His work has spanned the board from greeting patients to rescheduling hygiene patients, from treatment acceptance to internal marketing, from external marketing to handling lab cases, from remodeling plans to computer upkeep, he has touched on them all and facilitated a lot of ongoing improvement."

--Josh Wieland, DMD

"Bob has been a great addition to our team.  He has earned great respect from the staff, and they always get very engaged in his leadership discussions and team building exercises.  He has been an invaluable resource for our former office manager, and now new office manager, as she is transitioning to the office admin role.  We will continue to use his expertise and guidance on an ongoing basis."

--Charles Schumacher, DDS

"When you have a coach that cares about your business and you as a person, it makes all the difference.  When I looked at who I would like to help coach me and my office, I really looked at who cared the most and who was the most genuine.  Bob's that person. Because of Bob, I am trying to spend more time at home with the family and make that my #1 priority. Bob is a really great role model of how he has raised his family, how he treats his wife, and how he lives his life.  I would like to pattern my life after his."

--Bryce Barfuss, DDS

"I came to know Bob when he spoke at a mini half day seminar in late 2008. Things were not looking great with the economy. I was trying to sell part of my practice to my associate and things were just not going well.  I had several consultants over the years and each them seemed to alienate my staff and when I parted company with them, life got better at the office. Bob, without a doubt, was the reason we went through this recession growing each year.  Dr Wilkes and I would never have put together the transition documents and have the working relationship we enjoy if it were not for Bob. Our business continues to grow and Bob continues to ask us the hard questions and pushes us to make the decisions required and the staff trained to move the Dental Health Center forward.  I continually appreciate Bob and how he makes me look ahead and grow from my past performance.  He is a great friend and Mentor."

--Doug Smith, DDS, MAGD

"I was just commenting to a good friend yesterday that generally I’m not a fan of having people on retainer, however, Bob’s consulting services have been worthwhile. His consistency with meetings and follow-through on to do lists has been invaluable. And his professional connections have usually been very helpful. I rest easy because I know that Bob is a man of integrity. I feel he always has our best interests at heart, even if that means confronting difficult situations."

--Gene Hilton, DDS

"Bob has worn many hats for me as a consultant.  His gift is to know which hat to wear when and not to change hats too quickly. Bob has also offered tremendous encouragement.  The transition road has been long and at times overwhelming. As mentioned above, Bob has focused on my strengths and sought to bolster my leadership weaknesses, inviting me to slowly grow and succeed.   He has helped in identifying key areas of my business for success.  Bob has worked hard on my behalf and continues to assist me with the ongoing and constant changes in my business."

--Josh Wieland, DMD