Case Study: Dr. AJ Stosich

Going from Burned Out to On Fire

Seven years after purchasing an existing oral surgery practice, Dr. AJ Stosich and his team had a very good problem to have – they were drowning in work. Through the years, they had grown impressively, every year out-performing the last. Success came at a price, however, as the practice team was getting burnt out.

Dr. Stosich’s office manager heard Bob keynote at a conference in Atlanta and reached out to him as he got off the stage. She knew they were reaching a breaking points where the only thing keeping the team there was their loyalty to Dr. Stosich. The office manager felt the principles Bob taught would make the difference.

After meeting Dr. Stosich and explaining his approach, two quick months later Bob came in and started at the foundation, interviewing each member of the team to gain a keen understanding of the dynamics throughout the office. He found that Dr. Stosich was an engaging entrepreneur through and through, and a successful one at that. He always wanted to try new things, loved challenges, and was not afraid of risk. He also knew how to get case acceptance and run a successful clinical practice, but his business had reached the point where something needed to change to keep the practice from tipping backwards. Bob trained and taught and worked with the team to create protocols and systems in finances and patient service, and taught how to schedule by design, not default. He also taught Dr. Stosich invaluable principles of leadership regarding setting clear expectations, creating an environment where participation in decision making and problem solving is enthusiastically embraced, and how to flip his focus as a leader so his practice could be more effective and efficient with their time.

Bob next worked towards recommitting the team to one another and to the practice. To do this, he worked alongside his colleague of over 20 years, Travis Anderson of Strategic Leadership Consulting, and took the entire team on a two ½-day ropes course retreat in Park City, Utah. Travis and Bob facilitated exercises and facilitated discussions that helped to break down barriers, challenge limiting beliefs, and rebuild the trust within the practice. To quote Bob, in Park City "a good team became great as they hit the reset button."

Just five months after that first encounter with Bob, the practice reached their second most profitable month ever. But this time they were able to reach it by spending less time in the office and being more efficient with their time in the office. Bob worked with the team to organize the chaos and gave the team a second chance at working together. They since have been able to expand their marketing base and are building upon the principles Bob taught.