About Spiel Consulting


Since 1988, Bob Spiel has been helping businesses and practices achieve increased production, profitability and personal enjoyment. With an MBA in Finance and General Management and post graduate work at Stanford and Georgia Tech, Spiel Consulting was founded to leverage Bob's passion for working closely with health care professionals - guiding them toward even greater professional and personal success, bottom line results and practice growth. During his years in private industry Bob served as a Financial Analyst and then as an Operations Director for industry-leading large cap and mid cap companies. There he played an instrumental role by transforming crisis-laden projects and operation into smooth running, profitable machines. Using a leadership-focused, process driven approach these skills allowed him to miraculously turn around a failed hospital and failing surgical center. As a practice consultant he has helped multiple clients achieve impressive results like returning failed practices to profitability or realizing very dramatic growth.


Spiel Consulting was founded to leverage Bob's passion to bring business and leadership solutions into healthcare. The entire health care industry is at a Strategic Inflection Point with downward cost pressures in the face of rising expectations.

Health care professionals that continue business as normal and do not recognize this inflection point will find their ability to succeed severely limited. Spiel Consulting is dedicated to helping proactive practice leaders survive and thrive in the months and years ahead.


Spiel Consulting employs a Whole Systems methodology that focuses on having the right people and using the right processes - all centered on a consuming passion of serving others. The heart of this method is a comprehensive review of leadership strengths, staff perceptions, financial systems, communication systems, clinical systems, marketing systems and patient feedback. This data is then coalesced and used in arriving at shared solutions that solve fundamental issues blocking practices from achieving quantum results.

Exponential Results

The outcome of aligning all the sytems of a practice is exponential progress. Performance, Production and Profits increase dramatically while personal satisfaction and joy at work increase. Hearts and minds are in alignment with the shared purpose and mission, team members feel a sense of purpose for their contributions and practice leaders are able to focus on what they do best.

Spiel Consulting achieves all this by providing guidance and direction behind the scenes, giving practice leaders the tools and confidence they need to achieve success beyond their dreams.